As an innovative network operator and dynamic mobile telecom company with 25.8 million customers, we offer our cooperation partners in the wholesale division many new business areas: intelligent forms of cooperation and partner concepts as well as flexible and successful business models.

We support our partners in expanding their own business areas or implementing new marketing ideas with our wholesale solutions in MVNO, premium services and carrier services. Through various business models and cooperation with marketing partners, we are constantly expanding our range of wholesale solutions, which keeps us on top of developments in this important growth area in mobile telecommunications.

A selection of our wholesale partners:

Wholesale Partner


Our MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) business models pave the way for your company to start in the mobile telecom business, quickly and easily. As a network operator, we provide access to our infrastructure, allowing our partners to extend their own business areas in the form of target group-specific mobile telecom offers or innovative mobile telecom support and services. The range of business areas spans from the marketing and sales of a product as a Branded Reseller to the taking over of technical services – with full support from E-Plus in conceptual development, implementation and market launch. No other provider in the German mobile market has gained this many partners over the last years for this business model.

Premium Services

Premium services for mobile communication at the E-Plus Group offer the entire spectrum of mobile multimedia opportunities. They allow target groups to be reached through many channels, personal contact with the customer to be enhanced, and the profit and earnings potential of business processes to be profitably exploited. Premium services give wholesale customers an attractive and inexpensive marketing opportunity for their own services.

Carrier Services

In order to establish and expand communication between E-Plus customers and the customers of other national or international telecommunications networks, we conclude interconnection agreements with hundreds of fixed line and mobile operators in our country and abroad, known as interconnection partnerships.