About Us

Since the launch of our network in 1994, the E-Plus Group has provided customer-focused innovations time and again which have influenced the entire sector with low-cost services that address real customer needs such as flat rates, discount rates for telephony and data services as well as business customer rates.

The E-Plus Group has stood for outstanding value for money in the mobile telecom market and in the eyes of our customers since the founding of the company. We are the first network operator to follow a multi-brand strategy, established in 2005, which has allowed us to succeed once again in initiating critical developments for the benefit of our customers. Through a wide range of simple and easy-to-understand products from its brands such as BASE, simyo, blau, AY YILDIZ and Ortel Mobile, the E-Plus Group is able to address the individual needs of its customers more effectively than any other provider in the market. Our partner programmes and our collaboration with well-known, powerful brands as wholesale partners have enabled us to differentiate our range of services even more specifically and further broaden our customer base. The number of customers enjoying our target group-oriented brands and the products of our many partners has now grown to 25.8 million. This development underscores the direction of our company, which is focused on providing excellent value for money while consistently directing all activities towards real customer needs.

For years, our intelligent business models, modern, streamlined organisations and strong partnerships have helped the E-Plus Group achieve fast and profitable growth on the market. In order to maintain this growth, we initiated the biggest network expansion offensive in the history of the company in 2010. Accelerated investment in our broadband network has put us successfully on the path to becoming a fourth generation mobile telecommunications company. Our goal is simple as always: mobile telecommunications for everyone. We have achieved this goal in mobile telephony by making mobile telecommunication easy, fair and affordable for everyone. We have now set the same goal for the mobile Internet: Through affordable and customer-oriented rates we are focusing on providing access to the mobile Internet for all user groups – with powerful connections everywhere our customers go. As a member of  Telefónica Deutschland Group, the E-Plus Group is based heavily on strong partnerships and mobile telecom brands.

We let our customers choose – the E-Plus Group has developed successfully into a multi-brand company since 2005. We are able to target the specific needs of individual customer groups with the wide range of rates, flat rates and end devices available from the big E-Plus brand family.

It is important to us to maintain an open and transparent dialogue with society. This is why we provide open access to information on E-Plus Group strategies and positions to everyone. We do this via a wide array of digital communications channels: in our blog, on Facebook, via Twitter, etc. – and also during events or at round table discussions.

New business areas, intelligent collaborations, flexible business models: Within our wholesale division, we provide partner companies, in a significant growth area in mobile telecommunications, with highly developed, proven successful solutions for MVNO, premium services and carrier services.
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